Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At least Monday is over...

 So now I have two teenagers in the house.  Megan turned 13 on Sunday, she is almost a tall as I am...wow!  She surprised me with her birthday request of clothes instead of a video game or a toy, she is growing up.  She picked out such a cute outfit too-a skirt and top.  So pretty!
  Right now I am a little stressed out by all that is going on in the next few weeks.  Two spring concerts-one for Amy's orchestra and one for Megan's band.  Casey gets to pick out an instrument next week and get signed up for summer lessons.  Bernhard's schedule is changing every week due to him going forward with management training at Safeway.  He will have a week long training session in Denver at the end of May, so I will have the kids and the house to handle on my own...sigh.
  I have to take 4 days off this next month since Casey will have to miss out on 5th grade field day, a field trip and the 5th grade trip to CalWood.  Maybe someday I will have enough time banked for a real vacation...I can dream can't I?
  I am really looking forward to summer though, I am hoping to spend quite a bit of time at the pool with the kids.  Until then, there is still a science project to finish and pushing the girls to keep their grades up and finish homework and so on and so on.
  Must. Remember. To. Breath.

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