Tuesday, April 17, 2012


  So, my youngest, Casey was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome 4 years ago.  It is a form of Autism, and on the autism spectrum he is categorized as highly intelligent with low functioning social/behavioral skills.  This means he has to learn how to behave and interact "normally" with other people.  He can tend to be self-focused and he doesn't always get jokes and especially sarcasm.  To him sarcasm is anger and he takes it literally.  I learned many years ago that sarcasm is a form of anger, and as Casey has difficulty reading facial and body language/queues all he hears is tone of voice.  Being a fairly sarcastic (read-smart mouth) person, I have had to learn not to speak that way around or with Casey.
  This week he was suspended for 2 days from school.  When he gets stressed or anxious, agitated or angry he is to either take a self directed or teacher directed break.  An appropriate break is when he goes quietly to his Special Education teacher's office, where if he needs to have a meltdown he can at that point.  An inappropriate break is when he yells or slams the door on the way to break/and has to be asked more than once to take said break.  Due to an inappropriate break, he was also going to lose iPad privileges in computer lab.  When he was told no iPad, he threatened to hit the school psychologist with a book....therefore, suspension.
  So now, he is home, I am home until Bernhard gets home from work.  Casey has lost Wii and computer privileges at home, and I will have to work on Saturday to make up lost time at my job.
  It has been quite a journey having a child with Asperger's,  challenging to say the least.  So many days I worry when he is at school, wondering if I will get a call that he has misbehaved again.  He takes medication for depression/anxiety and anger.  He knows he is different, he wants to belong and be part of what his classmates are doing.  So, often, he feels left out and excluded.  He has such a strict view of what he thinks is "fair", and he is especially concerned when rules are followed or broken.  He wants to be first, he wants to win, he wants to be perfect the first time.
  I know Casey has a lot to learn and he is learning.  This year has been so much better than past years, but I still worry.  Next year is middle school, new challenges, new problems....sigh.
  He is very excited to go to middle school, he is looking forward to the opportunity to play an instrument and to do the things his older sisters talk about.  He is a great kid, funny, smart...a fairly typical 11 year old (whatever typical is?)
  I have to say I do look forward to summer and a break from school stuff.  Lead me to the pool!

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  1. Thank you for being so open about Casey. He HAS come a long way since his diagnosis and I am confident that he will continue to progress to become a great middle school (and eventually HIGH SCHOOL!) student! You're doing great with him, too!